Florida five-star thinking about position

It's no secret that Joe Cohen is one of the top players in the nation. The five-star stud from Palm Bay (Fla.) High School is considered the No. 1 strongside defensive end prospect by Rivals.com and the No. 2 overall prospect in the State of Florida.
So what's Cohen saying about schools? Not much really. Joe says he's remaining wide open among all the schools recruiting him and if he has favorites he's not naming them.
"I don't really have any favorites," Cohen said. "There are schools out there that I'm looking at but then again I pretty much look at every school that says, 'Joe, you've got a full ride here if you want to come."

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Joe has yet to schedule his first official visit.
"Once I find the schools I really want to go to then I'll probably set them up," Cohen said. "But right now I can't think of what I want to be, like what position I want to play in college yet."
Cohen wouldn't say if there are any schools he definitely plans on visiting.
"Not that I can think of right now. There's certain schools I want to go to because I've heard about their their game atmosphere and stuff like that. There's certain schools I want to go to because of their weather because I've never seen snow before. But there's no schools that actually stand out football wise that I want to go to yet."
Cohen (6-2, 240) could wind up either playing offense or defense at the next level. He could be a defensive end or running back.
"Some schools are just starting to say athlete some but I've got to just really look at what I want to do. At times I want to play offense and at times I'd rather play defense. I sometimes get confused about that."
Cohen and teammate Reggie Nelson still hope to be a package deal and sign with the same school next February. They will probably take visits together and both may take in a game at LSU later this month.
"He's got his schools, I've got my schools, and we've got some schools that go together," Cohen said. "We just both like pretty much all the schools. He's got his favorites and I'm just listening. I don't really have favorites."
One might think it might be hard to pull Cohen away from the Sunshine State but he says he would have no problem leaving Florida.
"I don't really mind leaving home," Cohen said. "I'm probably going to go where I feel most comfortable at and where I feel like I can play. I don't have to play right away because I'm not really worried about that. It's where I feel like I can play and make an impact at the next level."
Palm Bay (3-2) was the state's top team going into the season but the Pirates suffered two early season setbacks to Orlando-Edgewater and Carol City in a pair of close losses.
"Those were good teams that we played and we made mistakes and they definitely made us pay for them," Cohen said. "They were real close games but a loss is a loss."
Palm Bay has rebounded to win their last three games and more importantly is 2-0 in their district. Cohen has been a force in all of their games this season particularly on offense.
"I've been averaging about 7.5 yards a carry, something like that," Cohen said. "I've got like five or six touchdowns after five games. 400 plus yards rushing, somewhere in there. I play tailback most of the game and on special plays we have I play anywhere from noseguard to defensive end."
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