Florida DE ready for second Big Ten visit

Sarasota, Fla., defensive end Walter Dublin has tentatively scheduled an official visit to Ohio State.
However he will visit another Big Ten school before he makes it to Columbus.
"I'll be on my way up to Minnesota Friday morning," Dublin said. "I have Ohio State tentatively scheduled for Jan. 20."
Dublin made an official visit to Iowa Oct. 22.
"There's still five schools," Dublin said. "But Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio State are my top three in no particular order.
"I bounce back and forth for the other two. It's between Florida, Virginia Tech, and Clemson."
Dublin has had a busy week.
"I've had coaches in all week," he said. "Minnesota, Ohio State, Clemson, and a couple others I didn't talk to came in. Florida was going to (visit), but they had to cancel."
When asked about the Buckeyes visiting him, Dublin said, "Coach Beckman was at my school Wednesday. Then he went to my grandfather's house and my mom's work. Coach Tressel is supposed to come down after the bowl game."
The 6-foot-3 and 235 pound Dublin played in only seven games during his senior season, but still had a dozen sacks. He missed four games with an ankle injury.