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Florida DE adds offers, visits schools

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. defensive end Tevin Westbrook could still be considered somewhat of a sleeper despite the fact that he holds close to double-digit scholarship offers. The 6-foot-5, 260-pound defender is also a basketball standout, which has limited his exposure to football coaches.
However, after being offered by Purdue, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Duke, FIU and UCF in the fall and early spring, Westbrook has upped his total with a trio of new tenders.
"I've gotten a couple more offers since we last talked," Westbrook said. "I had six before and I believe I'm up to nine now. The new ones are from UCONN, Virginia and Western Michigan.
"The UCONN and Virginia ones came about a month ago. Western Michigan came in around the end of the spring."
This summer, Westbrook has had a chance to take in three college campuses and still has plans for a couple more visits.
"I've been to UCONN, UCF and UCLA this summer," he said. "Other than that, I might go to a few camps but I'm not sure. I might go to the North Carolina area and see Duke and UNC.
"UCONN was nice. I was up in Connecticut because I have friends and family there, so I just went to check the campus out. I was driving up to a tournament in Orlando and decided to stop by UCF because my coach knew coach (Tim) Salem. That was a nice campus; a lot of students, though."
Though UCLA had not been heavily recruiting him before, Westbrook took the initiative to show interest and he is now firmly on the Bruins radar.
"I was in California with my AAU (basketball) travel team so I went to the UCLA campus," he said. "I just went over to see the school. It was nice - a good environment and nice people.
"I talked to their coaches as well. They knew of me already and everything. They haven't offered, but they're watching me. They told me to keep working and told me about the program."
Besides traveling with Team Stat in the AAU basketball circles, Westbrook has been focusing on the gridiron as well as he realizes his future is on the football field.
"I've been doing AAU ball," he said, "but I've also been lifting and going to a couple of one-day football camps. I've been keeping in shape for football, for sure."
Westbrook suited up for Pine Crest in both football and basketball last year, but he is unsure where he play his senior year.
"I'm not sure yet," he said. "I should know in about two weeks or so. I'm looking at every option to find the best place for me."