Florida athlete likes 2 Big 12 schools

Talk about heartbreaking losses! I have heard several stories of heartbreakers in the short time that I have talked to prospects but none tops the one related to me by Taurean Charles, the 6-3, 230 pound defensive end machine from Miami (Fl) Northwestern.
“We were up 19-13 near the end of the game and coach decided to goal for a field goal instead of running out the clock. We lined up for the field goal and it was blocked. A guy ran it back 94 yards for a touchdown and they kicked the extra point and won it 20-19 and that was it. One of our guys caught the guy running it back but he just missed the tackle.” So that is the difference between a 6-0 start and a 5-1 record.
Already having scheduled visits with North Carolina State, Rutgers and Auburn, Taurean hopes to schedule Oklahoma and Nebraska to round out his official visit list. “Yeah, Coach Shipp from Oklahoma would like me to visit officially and I said to get me the schedule, so we can set it up. And Nebraska, yeah those are two that I am interested in that are far away. You know they can tell you a lot of things and I am one that reads everything that they send me, but I have to see it all for myself.”
Charles, like some other Florida stars, plans on visiting the in-state schools unofficially. He also may make an unofficial to Georgia. He will attend the Florida State-Miami game and may go to the “Swamp” for the Florida-Florida State tilt later in the year.
His projected position varies according to the school that has offered.
“Nebraska, Rutgers, Florida and I think Oklahoma want me for Defensive End.”
“North Carolina State, Miami and Florida State talk to me about the Outside Linebacker position.”
“I think all will want me at Defensive End after they see my stats.” Taurean, the Rivals 100 #15 Inside Linebacker prospect who anchors one end of the Northwestern defense, leads the county in sacks. He has chalked up 15 sacks and 56 tackles while missing one game. The Four-Star prospect moved up in the Rivals ranking from his previous Three-Star #17 position.
So who has been calling since September 1st? “A lot of schools call. Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Florida, Iowa State and Georgia.”
So, what are Taurean’s favorites? “Hmmm, Oklahoma, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, North Carolina State and Nebraska.”
Why not Miami? “Oh, I plan on leaving Miami and I am very open to playing out of state.”
So what stands out about Nebraska for him? “To me growing up before I knew anything about ‘programs’ in a football program and watching them, Nebraska stood out for a long time because of their defense, their end play and the linebackers. The red and the white.”
So what stands out about Oklahoma for him? “Well I really didn’t know too much until last season. The defense, the linebackers are hard hitters. Coach Shipp came out and watched practice and after I would make a good play he would say to me, ‘You are the kind of player we want.’ Coach Shipp and I kind of bonded.’)