Florida ATH narrowing things down

Athlete Cornelius Ingram is one of the top players in the Sunshine State and may not go too far from home during his college years. He has offers from all his leaders, and he's beginning to shorten his list.
"It's about time to start narrowing things down," said Ingram. "I don't want to put everything off until the last minute."
The 6-foot-5, 210-pound athlete from Hawthorne, Fla. runs the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds. He's led his squad to a 3-0 record, accumulating more than 650 yards of total offense and eight touchdowns. Who are his leaders?
"I'm looking hard at North Carolina, Florida State, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Syracuse and maybe a couple of others. But those are the main schools I'm considering at this point. All of them are strong academically, have good campuses and are in good locations."
Where will Ingram take his official visits?
"I want to go to UNC sometime in October, maybe November," he said. "I've seen the two Florida schools so much I might not need to take officials there. I would also like to visit Syracuse, Tennessee and Georgia. I need to start planning when and where I'll go."
Ingram wants to play two-sports at the next level. Is this a realistic possibility?
"There's a good chance it will happen," said Ingram. "I haven't talked to every school I'm considering about it, but I know I could do both. I want to play football in basketball in college -- or at least get a shot at it."