Five-star wide receiver talks final ten

Five-star wide receiver Marlon Brown could play for virtually any program of his choice from around the country. His 21 yards per catch and 11 yards per rush in 2007 secured that fate. However with that freedom, there is also pressure. Heading into his senior season, Brown has attempted to narrow his recruitment by naming a final ten, with another cut on the horizon.
The ten consists of USC, UCLA, Stanford, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma.
"I based this cut on interest level," Brown said. "It depended on the coach calling me and me calling him and us having good talks. I just said it was time because it was getting too crazy. I had to do something."

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After narrowing the list to ten, Brown has another cut in the near future.
"I'll have a top 6 or top 5 by the 11th of August," he said. "We start school August 11th."
Brown has had a busy summer mixing in AAU basketball with football camps, workouts and more. There will be little time to rest before the summer two-a-days kick off at Harding Academy in Memphis.
"Right now I'm in a basketball tournament in South Carolina," he said on Monday afternoon. "I leave here tomorrow morning and we have passing league Friday and Saturday for football then I leave again Monday or Tuesday for a basketball tournament. I'm done with basketball at the end of July and then it's all football."
Playing with his Memphis YOMCA team, Brown has been impressive on the court this summer but he did find time to mention the things that stick out to him about each of his ten finalists. The common denominator: coaching.
USC -" USC has an amazing campus and an amazing head coach. It's just an amazing school football-wise. Everything about USC sticks out in football."
UCLA - "UCLA, they have a great head coach too in Nueheisel. He's big time.
Stanford - "Same as UCLA, they have a great head coach. He's off the chain, he's real cool."
Ohio State - "They have a good head coach in coach Tressel and they have a good football program."
Notre Dame - "Same as Ohio State, they have a good football history."
LSU - "They have a good receiver coach in Coach McCarthy."
Tennessee - "I'm from Memphis, so I have to like them pretty much."
Georgia - "I like Georgia because they have a great head coach in Mark Richt and they have a young squad coming up."
Florida - "That's just a powerhouse football program. It's in the SEC, good coach and a good receivers coach in Coach Gonzalez."
Oklahoma - "Oklahoma has an amazing history of winning championships and bowl games."