Five-Star TE Names Six

For super-recruit Greg Olsen, the nation’s top tight end from Wayne Hills, N.J., just checking the mail these days is an adventure.
Olsen has received hand-written letters from schools to his Mom, letters stating that he is a team’s number-one recruit, letters promising he’ll start (not just play, but start) as a true freshman, you name it and he’s seen it. “Our offense is made for you”, “you’ll be an All-American if you attend our school”, “you’re made for our school”, “we need you, we need you, we need you”. – the letters all say the same basic thing.
“Greg Olsen, you are a terrific football player and we’ll do anything to get you.”
With more than 70 offers, Greg has narrowed his choices from the "Lucky 13" to a final six. Are you ready?
In alphabetical order;
Florida State -- "Hey it's FSU and coach Bowden. They are one of the top programs in the country every year and I like everything that they have presented to me at this point. Although I haven't set anything up yet, they will be one of my five visits."
Miami -- "I visited Miami before and it was really nice. Obviously the status of being the defending National Champions is great. I'm still deciding if it's a place that I would fell comfortable at, but they are still in it for sure."
Michigan -- "I really like the coaches, the facilities and the atmosphere there. Michigan has great tradition and academics and they have always been a school that I have felt good about."
Notre Dame -- "Talk about tradition, what school has more? I've been there a few times with my brother Chris who will be a freshman quarterback this year in South Bend. I like the coaching staff and they play a great schedule every year. They will be another one of my five visits for sure."
Syracuse -- "When I visited ‘Cuse during the spring, I really felt comfortable. I had a chance to meet the president of the school and I thought that was great. We sat down and talked about the education that Syracuse has to offer besides a great football program."
Tennessee -- "I think that Tennessee is beautiful, the campus and the facilities are top notch. They play in a great conference and are always in the top 10, they just have a great program."
Well, there you have it, the final six.
Could that change?
"Nothing is set in stone until I commit, but it would take a lot for me to drop one of them from my top six. I really have done a lot of investigating of all of the programs and schools that have offered me. Not that others aren't as good, but it's just that I feel best about these six."
A pre-season high school All-America selection in every publication you read, Greg continues to work hard getting ready for the season. At 6-foot-6 and 245 pounds, Greg consistently runs a 4.7-second 40-yard dash and all of the schools in his top six are recruiting him as a tight end.
"It really doesn't matter to me if I play as a tight end or defensive end, I just want to play. Although I do think that I will be playing tight end wherever I go."