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Five-star OL Amarius Mims has new commitment date - sort of

At one time, not too long ago, five-star offensive tackle Amarius Mims was scheduled to commit on his birthday, October 14.

The No. 2 prospect in the country out of Cochran (Ga.) Bleckley County then pushed the commitment up to August 15 earlier this summer.

Now, he is back to the original date.

"I have decided to push my commitment date back to October 14," said Mims.

He said he just needs "more time" to make the decision and that he did not feel he would be ready in the coming weeks.

Just a few weeks ago, Mims cut his list down to Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Mims has now eliminated the Sooners and is focused on five schools.

Nothing has changed for Mims, there is no order to his top five, and he is contact with those schools daily. He wants to take more time to make his decision.