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Five-star DE Hall hosts many coaches

Coaches from every school across the country are on the road visiting recruits before the dead period starts next week. Many of them have been banging down newly-minted five-star Terrell Hall's door and the Washington (D.C.) St. John's College High star is making sure he gives every coach their fair shake.
"It's been a busy couple weeks," said the 6-foot-5, 251-pound Hall. "I've had visits with Florida State twice, Ole Miss, and Arizona State come to the house. Georgia didn't because they had the coaching change when they were supposed to be here. Michigan State and UCLA came to the school. Florida was going to come but communication failed. Alabama is coming on Thursday. It will be coach Tosh and coach Saban will come before I take my official visit."
Florida State will host Hall for his second official visit this weekend. Tentatively, Hall is scheduled to take official visits to Alabama the weekend of January 22 and Ole Miss the weekend of January 29. Arizona State and UCLA are battling for an official visit for the weekend of January 15.
On Tuesday night, coaches from Florida State and Arizona State visited Hall and his family.
"Coach Fisher is a really down to earth guy," he said. "He showed his personality and it was cool getting to know him, learning his background and his plans for me. He also gave me advice on recruiting not just about trying to persuade me to come to Florida State. He was telling me to go somewhere I feel comfortable and I need to know what I want, not listen to what coaches are telling me is best for me.
"Coach Ken Dillingham was here for Arizona State," Hall said. "That conversation went well. He's an honest guy. He was telling me about Arizona State before he even asked me recruiting questions like what I want to major in because he said a lot of coaches will ask what I'm interested in and then say their school has it.
"He told me the good and bad about Arizona State," he said. "They make sure their guys are really old school disciplined and it would fit me, working hard and becoming the best player I can be. Their sports journalism and broadcasting program is one of their top programs. He was also talking about me staying in school with Kareem Walker. He thinks he will end up there. "
There are a lot of connections between St. John's College High and Maryland. Hall has noticed all the new staff changes.
"I would say there is some renewed interest in Maryland because coach Aazaar has been on me hard," he said. "I still can't say if I'm too interested right now because not all the coaches are in place yet. He was telling me everybody in the area could stay home and change the program around now that him and, most likely, coach Locksley will still be there. I need to see who the coaches are. Coach Aazaar was about to come on Monday or Tuesday but it didn't work out."
Hall is an Under Armour All-American but will not be participating in practice or the game because of a minor injury.