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Five-star closing in on record

Recently minted five-star wide receiver George Farmer (6-2, 192, 4.4) from Gardena (Calif.) Serra is on the cusp of making history in the Golden State. If he wins either the 100 or the 200 this weekend at the State meet, the talented wide receiver from Serra will be headed to the record books.
"George has an opportunity to become the only athlete in the state of California's history to win a state championship in three different sports, in the same season," George Farmer Sr., Farmer's dad said. "He has to win, either the 100-meters or the 200-meters, and if we weren't out of the 4x100, he would have three opportunities, but we dropped the baton. If he wins the 100 or the 200, he will achieve that feat."
When you think about all the great athletes, who have participated in high school sports over the years in the state of California and Farmer will be the first ever to win state championships in three different sports, then that is quite an achievement.
This remarkable athlete has already won a state championship in football and basketball, so he is two-thirds there. Now he has two chances this weekend and if he succeeds, it's off to the record books.
Because Farmer's basketball team went so deep in the playoffs, when they captured the state crown, he has only been running track for one month. To be competing at this high level is also very impressive. In last weekend's meet it was like a photo finish with Farmer and the rest of the runners.
"All the times were 10.51, 10.52, 10.53, 10.54, 10.55 and 10.56," Farmer Sr., said. "George was out in front, but he didn't lean into the tape. I asked him why he didn't lean into the tape, he said dad, I forgot. I bet you leans this week."
In the Los Angeles area there are many who feel that Farmer is a silent commit to USC, but according to his dad that is not the case.
"It's not true that he's silently committed anywhere," Farmer Sr., said. "People think that because he made a statement in an article that USC was the top school for him in the Pac 10, along with Florida in the SEC and another school in the Big 12.
"So people take that and read it and they try to read more into it," Farmer Sr., said. "George isn't committed to anybody.
"It is true USC is his favorite team in the Pac 10," Farmer Sr., said. "That's been in print. That's old news.
"I'm not going to say that other Pac 10 teams don't have a shot, but if that's the school (USC) that he wants to go to in the Pac 10," Farmer Sr., said. "Then so be it.
"USC is high on his list of schools," Farmer Sr., said. "Why shouldn't they be?
"George is not going to be like a lot of other kids, he's going to let the process play out," Farmer Sr., said. "That's what I wanted him to do let the process play out and keep them all at bay.
"My attitude with George is all about his opportunity and his education," Farmer Sr., said. "That's what it is all about to me."
George Farmer Sr., has already been through the process himself and was a NFL veteran of eight seasons with the Rams and Dolphins. Because of the number of requests and the amount of colleges that are recruiting him, the elder Farmer decided to take over as point man in his son's football recruitment.
At this point in Farmer's recruitment he has over 20 offers and he has offers from schools that he has interest in. Unfortunately for the fans of all of those schools there, more than likely will be a wait before he makes his decision known.
"There won't be a decision announced until the U.S. Army All-American game," Farmer Sr., said. "I tell all the colleges that once we narrow down the list and their school is on that list they will be notified.
"I want George to concentrate on school and his senior season," Farmer said. "He's going to get a month's rest after track and then he's going to do it all over again. I want him to enjoy his senior year."