Five-star back plans two more trips

The list of schools that Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure running back Lorenzo Booker plans to visit has grown to four. So who are the new teams that can expect to get a visit from the nation's No. 2 all-purpose back?
"Well, I already have two trips set," Booker said.
"I'm going to Florida State on Oct. 12 and Washington on December 14. I also now know that I'm going to visit Texas and USC."

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Where did the Texas and USC trip plans come from?
"Texas has always been in there," he said. "Texas is a great program that is known for having great running backs from California. We weren't planning on originally taking a visit to an in-state school, but I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and visit USC.
"My mother isn't big on flying, so I've changed my mind about taking an in-state trip. I will go ahead and visit USC, so she can go with me."
And on the other visits that he plans on taking, Booker will carry with him a video camera. Before he leaves the visit, Booker will then record a message from the coach at that school, so he can play the message back to his mother since she's afraid of flying.
"I'm going to film the important parts of the trip and ask the coaches to record what they would like to say to my mother," he said. "That way I can take it home to show her."
Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida, UCLA, Michigan and Clemson were the other teams battling it out for the fifth and final visit for the five-star prospect.