FIU lands local product


Xavier Hines, safety prospect from Belen Jesuit High School in Miami, Fla., has known for a while where he wanted to play college football.

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"I committed to FIU on Saturday," said Hines. "I was wanting to get it out of the way. I wanted to focus on my senior season. I had a good feeling about FIU since my sophomore year. I felt at home there.
"I mostly like the atmosphere. The coaches made me feel at home. They are really down-to-earth especially coach Cristobal. He said I belong there which I do. I look forward to playing there next year.
Hines informed the coaching staff about his decision while on an unofficial visit.
"I went up there yesterday to watch practice," he said. "The visit was good. It was hot. It was a great practice. I met all the coaches. I met players I will play with next year. I got to watch everything they do from their coaching schemes to rotating the players and how they treat their freshmen.
"Coach Cristobal was really excited about my decision. He couldn't say much because he was too excited about me committing and some other guys who committed. He is really excited about the years coming up."
Hines also talked about his future coaches.
"I enjoy their coaching staff," he said. "They are great people. Their coaching philosophy is amazing. They have good blitz schemes. They run different things to keep the offense guessing."
The local product is solid with his commitment. He does not plan to take any other visits.

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