Fisher has three early favorites

TEMPE, Ariz. - Kelvin Fisher Jr. has five offers and three favorites but the Gilbert (Ariz.) Higley athlete is working harder than ever because if he doesn't he fears those scholarships could be taken away.
That's the motivation for Fisher, who has Arkansas, Pittsburgh and San Diego State on top, driving him in the weight room and on the field to excel. Arizona State and Eastern Michigan have also offered.
"So far I have five and it's just great because that's an accomplishment," Fisher said. "I know schools are interested in me and that's a great feeling to have. That's also motivation for me to get better and to work harder because at any point in time they can take that away from me. It's not guaranteed.

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"Going through the recruiting process with five offers is kind of relieving because in a sense you're not always trying to promote yourself. At the same time you try to do that but there's not as much pressure."
Oregon State, Oregon and Washington are also keeping in close contact with Fisher, who's being recruited as an athlete and can play running back or cornerback in college. Even with offers, Fisher said he's motivated more than ever because now he's sure he'll be playing college football somewhere and he wants to get ready.
"There is always someone out there working when you're not so you have to realize at any point they can take it away so for me I have to keep doing what I have to do and keep being a humble person and not get overconfident because I don't want to think I'm at the top and then my whole world comes crumbling down on me," Fisher said.
"When I got my first offer it motivated me. I was in the weight room every day after that. Also I'd watch college football and I'd see how much bigger and stronger they were so I didn't want to go there and not be as big and strong.
"It was like I had to get ready for the next level even though I had one year of high school left. I want to be big enough where I can dominate in high school but also where I can go to college and play well."
Since his offer list is so diverse - Big East, SEC and Pac-10 schools have offered - Fisher said location will not be a limitation when considering his options. The 5-foot-10, 182-pounder said he'd prefer to stay closer to home but that he plans to visit the teams that have offered this summer to get a better sense of what fits best.
"Location is not a big factor in my decision," Fisher said. "My main factor is do I like the coach, do I think he's going to help me get better. Location is not a big deal. I've been on the East Coast because I have family in Pittsburgh and I've been up north, I have family in Oregon so I've seen the weather. Of course, I don't want to go too far from home but if I have to that's a risk I'm willing to take.
"My three favorite schools would have to be Arkansas, Pitt and San Diego State but I equally like all five of them. I don't have any dislikes about them. So far that's my top five because those are the five that have offered."