First Visit A Good One For TE

One of the top tight ends in the country took his first official visit this past weekend and what a game he saw.
"Jonathan went down to Virginia for an official visit for their win over South Carolina," said Steve Stupar, the father of State College (Pa.) State College Area tight end Jonathan Stupar. "We had a great time."
Stupar, who is ranked No. 6 in the nation at tight end, got a good feel for the current Cavalier players as well as some potential future Hoos.
"He was hosted by a Cav Connection girl named Lauren who was superb and by linebacker Bryan White from Knoxville, Tenn. who got his first start against South Carolina," his father said. "He also spent a lot of time with Ian-Yates Cunningham from Texas and Jordy Lipsey from Florida and they were all inseperable. Kevin McCabe was also there and he and Jonathan have been friends for a long time."
Stupar has an official visit set with Arizona State on Sept. 27 and Florida State on Oct. 26 and will choose among Boston College, Iowa, UCLA, Maryland and North Carolina for the last two.
"It looks real good for UCLA to get one of the last two visits, we just have to touch base with them," he said. "We're looking at Jan. 10 for that visit. We can do Maryland unofficially if we want to so the last one will probably be either BC or Iowa with North Carolina kind of fading."
Will other teams have a tough time beating this trip to UVA?
"UVA went a long way towards the top in our minds," he said. "I think he could fit in at a lot of the schools he's going to visit, but we know now he'd fit in at Virginia and their unique setting. Jonathan was wondering how anyone could commit early because he's having so much fun. The first visit was just the start."