First offer in for big WR target

The first offer is in for Argyle, Texas wide receiver Brady Brown and it's an offer that should make a wide receiver happy. After a wildly productive offensive season, Tulsa is hoping to continue its success on the offensive end with players such as Brown. On Tuesday, they offered the 6-foot-5 target.
"I went in yesterday and my coach wanted me to call the University of Tulsa so I called them and they offered me," Brown said. "I learned yesterday that they were the No. 1 offense in the nation. They have about 500 yards per game and a lot of passing yards. They run basically the same offense that we do now at my high school so I'm already used to the same system."
Though the offer was welcomed, it was also a surprise as he had only gotten one other letter from the Tulsa staff. Some more schools may not be far behind the Golden Hurricane.

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"I talked to Tennessee two nights ago," he said. "I talked to the OC. He watched my tape on Rivals and said that he was interested and just talked about height and weight and stuff."
The SEC interest is something that Brown was hoping for as his family has SEC ties.
"Right now I like the SEC because my mom went to South Carolina and I've always liked the SEC growing up."
Brown lists Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina as the main schools that he grew up cheering for but he hopes to make the rounds this spring.
"I think I'm going to visit some schools during Spring Break," he said. "I'm going to Auburn and Tennessee in a couple weeks and I want to go to a couple more. I'm just gonna see what comes along. I want to go to a lot of different Junior Days."
Though the first offer was exciting for Brown, he hopes there is more to come.
"It was really exciting," he said. "I'd like to get more though. Hopefully they keep coming."