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First offer for South Jersey junior

Life is progressing very nicely for junior running back Corey Clement of Glassboro, N.J. Clement recently picked up his first offer, and followed that up by winning a state championship and breaking the single season rushing record for a South Jersey back during the game.
"For right now, Rutgers is my offer," said Clement, who is 5-foot-11 and 205-pounds. "I think after this season, more will come in. I hope they do, so that I have a wide array of colleges to pick from."
With Rutgers being his first offer and his in-state school, Clement shared his thoughts on the Scarlet Knights.
"Rutgers has a very nice campus," said Clement, who mentioned that Coach Greg Schiano stopped by his school last week. "I went up to the campus twice and I loved the games, the atmosphere, the coaches. The coaches care about family, the team, players and schoolwork. Schoolwork is the most important thing."
Having already proven himself as one of the top junior backs in the state, Clement mentioned that he might be interested in testing his abilities against backs from another part of the country.
"I would like to take my talents down south," said Clement. "And I want to try to get Georgia to look at me. I believe the offense fits me well at Georgia."
Playing in the smallest group classification in New Jersey, Clement is using that as a motivational tool.
"Group 1 is just a name," said Clement. "Gary Brackett came from my school and he's in the NFL and P.J. James is on the verge of making a name for himself at Rutgers. It's just a name. I hate when people say that Group 1 has bad talent. Everybody is equal, it's just the school size."
Needing only 11 yards to break the South Jersey single season rushing record, Clement decided to just go out on the field and do his thing.
"I wanted the game to come to me," said Clement. "I just couldn't think that I wanted to break the record. I just wanted to play the game that I can and get the results. I go 110% on every down and every snap."
Clement finished his junior season with 2,497 yards and helped his team to the South Jersey Group 1 state championship with a victory over Haddonfield.