First offer for PA DE

Earlier this week, defensive end Eric Joraskie of Mount Carmel, Pa. received the good news that he had picked up his first offer from Syracuse. Now Joraskie is hoping for more offers, as he will hit the road for a few visits.
As can be expected, Joraskie was very excited about his first offer.
"It's pretty awesome," he said. "It was unexpected. My coach called me over during lunch and told me on Tuesday."

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With the offer being so new, Joraskie is still in the process of obtaining information about the Orange program.
"I need to do a little research, but I know they offer a good education and they have a rich football history with some of the best running backs of all time," said Joraskie, who is 6-foot-4 and 255-pounds.
While Syracuse is his first offer, Joraskie is getting serious interest from a number of other schools too.
"Penn State told me that they liked my film and they are going to invite me to a spring practice," said Joraskie. "Stanford has sent me some stuff and I'm pretty sure I'm planning on visiting there soon. I got a camp invite from Michigan, and Rutgers sends me a lot. Villanova told me that they'd be offering me and also a few Ivy League schools, like Princeton, Cornell and Yale. Bucknell also told me they'd be offering."
With all of this interest, Joraskie has tried to organize his upcoming schedule.
"I'm going to go to Penn State's camp and hopefully visit Stanford," he said. "I'm going to see Princeton next weekend I think, and I'll have to plan more from there."
As his visit schedule picks up, Joraskie knows what he'll be looking for in a program.
"I mean I'd love to say the opportunity to be drafted in the NFL, but I'm sure every kid says that," said Joraskie. "I just really would love to play, because I'm not the type of kid who likes to sit the bench. A valuable and respected education and wherever I can make a semi-immediate impact are probably two of the most important things for me."