First offer comes for Virginia lineman

Offer No. 1 has come for a talented Commonwealth lineman. Offensive lineman Marquis Wallace pulled in his first scholarship of the year this past week. Who is it from?
"I got my first official offer in from West Virginia," he said. "It's exciting. I'm real excited and they are the only school to get papers in. I have always said the first school to do that would get the upper hand and they are the first team to offer me."
Wallace called his recruiter, Chris Beatty to find out more on the school.

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"I called Coach Beatty, he wants to get me and my teammate (Trey Johnson) up there," he said. "He told me the offensive line coach loved my tape. He also wants to get me up there in the spring for a visit."
What does Wallace think of West Virginia?
"It's a program both Trey and I could see ourselves going to," he stated. "They have a great offensive line and good running backs. I see myself fitting in there. They always lock down the Big East and win conference championships. I could help them to a national championship."
The offer in is a dream come true for Wallace.
"This is really big, you're talking about a dream come true," he said. "Now I know I can go somewhere as long as I stay on top of my grades. I can go to big-time college football. Not many people from my neighborhood go to college, much less can go to college for free.
"It's big from West Virginia too, the day after Signing Day. It shows West Virginia was already back in the office getting offers out and working hard to get to a national championship."
Plenty of other colleges are interested in Wallace as well.
"I'm hearing from a lot of people, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Duke, North Carolina, Clemson, Maryland, Connecticut, Miami, Florida State, LSU," he said. "I do think Maryland is close to offering me as well."