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First offer comes for Jersey WR

Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep has plenty of talent and an offer has already come in for one of their rising stars for 2013. The 6-foot-4, 200-pounder landed the offer last week from the Big East.
"I got an offer from Rutgers last Friday," St. Peter's Prep sophomore Charles Callinan said. "It was kind of surprising, I guess the coaches saw a lot in me.
"You know, Savon Huggins is going there and he tells me a lot about the school. We had our season opener there the last two years and I've played in the stadium and been around the campus, it's pretty nice."
What stands out about Rutgers to Callinan?
"I mean, the program seems pretty good," he said. "I've heard the coach is a good guy and I like the campus. It's close to home so my family can watch me play and come visit whenever."
Outside of Rutgers, Callinan is still a sleeper.
"I'm still pretty much under the radar, but I plan on going to the Penn State Nike Camp with Brandon Napoleon in May to get more looks."
Does Callinan like anybody?
"I like Rutgers being that it's the state school," he said. "I was born in Ohio so I like Ohio State, I moved here when I was three. Penn State looks good too.
"I definitely need somewhere that has good academics, I need to get a good education to be successful in life. I don't know about playing on the level after college. I definitely want a great football program too that works hard and always strives to win."
It's not surprising Callinan is under the radar as he hauled in five receptions for 60-yards during the season.
"We had Savon Huggins and he was amazing," he said. "He got most of the play calls and we were more of a running offense.
"This year we're definitely doing a lot more passing and I should have more receptions."
With such limited opportunities, what sticks out about the 2013 wideout?
"Definitely my size and I have a pretty good vertical leap," he said. "My athletic ability, you can throw the ball 10 to 12 feet and I'll catch it wherever on the field. I have pretty good hands and straight away speed."