First offer comes for DC corner

The first scholarship is in for Washington (D.C.) Archbishop Carroll cornerback Aaron Young. The 6-foot-0, 185-pounder landed the offer earlier this week.
"College coaches are starting to notice me and that I have big upside," he said. "I'm glad that Hawaii dropped the first offer this week. It feels good to have that monkey off your back and come to the realization that you are actually doing something."
The offer for Young came on Tuesday from the Warriors.

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"I'm just glad that it happened," he said. "It's been a long offseason and I've worked my butt off. I'm realizing I'm going to be good and they are the first college to give me a chance to be able to play."
Young reflected on his thoughts of Hawaii.
"It's a great school," he said. "I know it's Hawaii and it's paradise. My coach told me they have just moved to the Mountain West and I think they are going to open up with Southern Cal. They are going to get a lot of coverage and it's a good opportunity."
In the meantime, other schools are looking including Colorado, Penn State, Temple, Marshall and more.
"They all have to review my film and talk it over with their secondary coach," he said. "I'm an A-B student, so grades aren't a problem.
"A lot of them do want me to camp. I know I'll be on the camp circuit, but I don't know which ones I'll be going to yet."
Young maintains no favorites.
"Right now I'm just weighing all of my options to find the best place that fits me and my major and a good environment for the next four years of my life," he said. "I want a place I can grow in, learn and play right away. I want to study psychology."
The D.C. corner is coming off a strong junior year that saw him earn all-conference honors as he posted three interceptions.
"I'm a true man-to-man in your face corner. Most people want the ball and want to be on offense, but I like to be in your face on defense."