First offer comes for 2010 Carolina LB

2010 offers have been going out the past couple months. One linebacker and North Carolina received his first scholarship recently from the Big Ten as a number of other teams are starting to come in.
"He has an offer from Wisconsin," Charlotte (N.C.) Christian linebacker Ty Linton's father Jim Linton said. "He's excited about the offer. They are a great program. They kind of stepped out on a limb and offered early. Wisconsin is a great opportunity."
The Badgers may be the only offer, but other colleges are interested.

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"We have talked to Coach Thigpen from North Carolina and Coach Bridge from NC State," he said. "Vanderbilt is sending a lot of info. He's getting letters from Georgia and Notre Dame too."
Does the 6-foot-2, 205-pounder like anybody in the early going?
"Really all four schools showing the most interest, Wisconsin, North Carolina, NC State and Vanderbilt are awesome. Right now Wisconsin is where he's getting the most attention.
"My wife and I live here in North Carolina, but we're from outside of Chicago, so going to Wisconsin wouldn't be a huge problem. We still have family and friends in the area. Of course, we've grown to like North Carolina and we're big fans of Ohio State. That would be unbelievable if he got interest from them."
On the field, Linton is starting his third year after transferring from Weddington as a freshman where he made all-conference honors.
"They've had a good season. They are 7-3 and starting the playoffs," he said. "He has improved a lot with his technique because of his coaches this year. He can flip his hips and run. He can cover ground and go into coverage. I think those are his best attributes."
Linton is a multi-sport athlete who also is a potential baseball recruit.
"He's already gotten some looks from Clemson as a centerfielder," he said. "He is interested in baseball. He could play both sports if possible."