Final five QA: DeAndre Goolsby

Just five schools remain in the race to land four-star tight end DeAndre Goolsby. The Derby (Kan.) prospect has narrowed his focus to include only Ohio State, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Florida and Arkansas.
Goolsby, who will graduate high school early, is rarely long on words. He doesn't do many interviews. For the most part, he manages to avoid the spotlight. Recently, however, he took some time to discuss his final five, his plan for official visits and a timetable for a verbal commitment.
Why these five? What's the common theme? I mean, you had plenty of options.

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It was mostly the coaching staffs. I get along with all the coaches well. It just felt right with all of them.
So your relationships with coaches is the most important thing to you?
I mean, yeah. I have to like the coaching staff where I play. I have to feel good where I'm playing, so definitely. That's the most important thing.
Ok, let's go through them one by one. We'll start with Ohio State. What do you like about the Buckeyes?
Me and Coach [Tim] Hinton get along a lot. I like the way they play, too. Of course, it's Ohio State. And Coach [Urban] Meyer. He's the there. That means a lot.
What about Florida? What sticks out there?
I liked it when I visited there earlier this summer. I, of course, like the coaching staff. There, I like the campus a lot. It was cool being down there and seeing everything.
Does it matter to you how far you travel school? Is that something you take into account at all or is it irrelevant?
That doesn't really bother me at all.
Kansas State is on the list, too. Your dad played there. What do you like about K-State?
Yeah, I mean my dad playing there, of course. But, you know, I know a lot of people there already. I think that would be beneficial - not coming in as the new guy nobody knows.
Aside from the coaches, who do you know up there?
I know a lot of players, really. I met a lot of the players. I met some of them on Twitter and stuff. I have a lot of family there, too. My uncle sill lives there.
How about Arkansas? I know you're close with Michael Smith on the Razorbacks' staff.
Coach Smitty is a real cool guy. He's a big factor. And I like the new facilities there a lot. I like the way they'd use me on the field. They want me to move around all over the place. I like that.
And Oklahoma? You've already set a visit there. What about OU got your attention?
Coach [Bob] Stoops is a cool guy. And I've talked to Coach [Jay] Boulware a little bit. We hit it off. The way they want to use me, I like that a lot, too. It's kinda what I want to do in college.
I know you have the Oklahoma visit set up for Sept. 7. What about the others?
I'm pretty sure we have them all set up.
Ok, let's hear them. Which games are you going to?
I'm pretty sure I am going to Ohio State for the Wisconsin game. And then, I think I'm going to Florida-Tennessee. With Arkansas, I'm going to the South Carolina game. And then, I forgot which K-State game I'm planning, but it's not official yet. We pretty much go to all of them, so I don't know. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take an official for one, but I don't know which game yet.
What about a timetable for you? You'll take all these visits but when are you hoping to commit? Afterward?
After that, I have to do it quickly because I'm graduating at semester. I'm going to take all five no matter what, but I'll commit after I do that.