Fifita lines up first trip

Los Angeles (Calif.) Birmingham three-star defensive tackle J.J. Fifita is busy with the second round of the playoffs, so pardon him if he's just now getting into recruiting.
"We're in the second round of the playoffs," Fifita, who is 6-foot-1 and 270 pounds, said.
"We've been doing really good. Our defense has been playing really good. I've been doing pretty good. I've only been playing a couple series a half because we rotate a lot of guys, but I've been playing pretty good. I got an interception last game."
When he does think about recruiting, Fifita says the most interested teams appear to be San Diego State and Colorado State.
"I set up my visit for San Diego State," he said. "That's the only one I've set up so far. I'm going on Dec. 2. I'm thinking about hopefully tripping to Oregon, Washington, and maybe Utah. They stay in contact with me pretty regularly."
Fifita does have an idea of when he'd like to commit.
"I'm thinking like mid-December," he said.