Fifita has one option left

Los Angeles (Calif.) Birmingham three-star defensive tackle J.J. Fifita is looking for options and at this point it does look like there's at least one that might come through for him.
"The UNLV coaches came by recently and that went pretty well," Fifita, a 6-foot-1, 270-pound defensive tackle, said. "They want me to visit this weekend. They asked if I wanted to come play for them and I told them, yes. They're pretty much the only school I'm looking at right now.
"They haven't offered yet, but the coaches told me we'll talk about that this weekend. I've dropped San Diego State, Colorado State, and the other schools because they backed off me or I'm not interested. SDS backed off because they offered me early and expected a quick commit. But I didn't and they filled up on the line (d-line)."
Fifita came into the season very highly acclaimed and was named preseason All LA City section football team by CalHi sports over the summer. He still projects as one of the better players in the City Section, but it looks like he might have gotten caught up in a numbers crunch.