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Fields discusses his choice

Three-star cornerback Bryon Fields landed his first BCS offer late last week. The 5-foot-10, 163-pounder responded immediately giving a pledge to the ACC program.
"I committed to Duke recently, the same night they offered me," he said. "I committed last Thursday.
"I had been talking to Duke for awhile, Coach Lubick, my recruiting coordinator. He told me that he watched a couple of my game films and had seen me at camp. He said they would likely offer me before the end of the season.
"Then, on Thursday I got an email from one of the other assistants to give Coach Lubick a call. He told me to call Coach Cutcliffe and when I did, he offered me a scholarship. I committed on the spot actually."
How did Cutcliffe react to the news?
"He was very excited," he said. "I'm not sure he was expecting a commit on the spot like that. But, I had my mind made up. If they offered, I'd commit. I felt it was the best fit even if other schools offered. I really like the direction of the program and academically it's really strong. That is what I'm looking for."
The direction of the program is one thing that Fields took notice of on Saturday as well when Duke became bowl eligible defeating North Carolina.
"That was great for them," he said. "I watched the tail end of the game and I was getting excited for them. I'm sure the fans are excited and it seems like the team really worked hard for that. I look forward to getting up there and making a strong impact and helping them to more bowls. It's great for the program and especially for it to happen against their long time rival, North Carolina. It was picture perfect."
However, a few other factors played into Fields choice.
"What's interesting is that the first piece of mail I ever got coming out of my sophomore year was from Duke," he said. "Then, last fall the only school I visited for a game was at Duke. When I visited, I could see myself playing there and if it worked out it would be great. It's interesting how it has.
"When I went to the camp in the summer, that confirmed my feelings. I really liked the vibe of the coaches and the facilities were really nice. Like I said, the academics are very strong and I wanted to be close to where I am now, Durham isn't that far from here. I thought it was a great fit for me and a great fit for them. Hopefully I can go and contribute."
Fields isn't 100% sure on his position as he is getting consideration for both cornerback and safety.
"It doesn't matter to me what I play," he said. "I'm 100% fine with either, I'll do whatever gets me on the field."