Fields breaks down three finalists

Jordan Fields made some news recently when he said it won't be long until he makes his decision.
The 6-foot-1, 175-pound safety from Grand Blanc, Michigan, has narrowed things down to three schools and he's anxious to make a decision before long.
"My top three are Kansas, Central Michigan and Kentucky," Fields said on Wednesday.

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"Kansas, I actually have a close friend down there and I'm very comfortable with them. They have a great campus and there's not a lot of distractions. It's in a big conference and they're very high on academics for their student-athletes.
"My dad went to Central (Michigan) and I have a lot of history through there. It's a very small campus but it still has that DI feel. We'd have a great non-conference schedule. I think we'd play (Michigan) State and Alabama in the next couple of years. I'm very comfortable with the coaches.
"Kentucky, it's just real fun down there. I had a great time down there when I went. Coach (Joker) Phillips is a good man and he really believes in his coaching staff and his system. I just feel like good things are going to come for them."
Fields affirmed that he will be making his decision shortly. He just doesn't know exactly when.
"I know I want to have it done in the next month or before that. We're going down to the 7-on-7 Badger tournament in Texas. When I get back I'll sit down and talk with my family over the next two weeks and hopefully come up with a quick decision."