Fenstermacher raves about Arizona

Dominique Fenstermacher doesn't want to rush into anything, but he almost did just that on Saturday afternoon. He admits that much freely. See, Arizona's junior day had an effect on the Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe junior. And not just in the usual I-enjoyed-my-trip kind of way.
This, apparently, was much more serious.
"It was tempting to commit right there," Fenstermacher said. "I was talking to a few friends about it a lot. A lot of us kind of want to go down there and get a bunch of kids for 2014 and go somewhere and just dominate."
The statement is indicative of the junior's overall tone. Fenstermacher is all excitement -- all energy -- when it comes to recapping his experience.
"It was amazing," he said. "Like, words can't really express how awesome it was."
It's hard to pinpoint the factor that sent Fenstermacher over the top. Instead, it was a combination of things. This wasn't a case of coaches "showing love" or wowing players with high-tech facilities. Instead, Rich Rodriguez's staff simply sold itself. And, at least on Fenstermacher, it worked wonders.
"The thing that shot out to me was how the coaches made it all about the players and how much they love in-state recruits," Fenstermacher said. "Everybody was really chill. They know when to mean business and when it's all serious. But, at the same time, they know that we are still kids. They know when to have fun."
The next step of Fenstermacher's recruiting plan is nowhere near set in stone. He hopes to attend a junior day at Nebraska, from which he holds an offer, but doesn't know the dates for that event as of yet.
If you ask him, he'll tell you his calendar is about to fill up significantly.
"I'm about to get offered by Iowa State, Washington, UCLA and Oregon State," Fenstermacher said. "They have all come down to the school and I've talked to all of them personally.
"U of A is definitely going into my top-3 no matter what happens, though."
Fenstermacher currently lists offers from Nebraska and Arizona.