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Fehokos recruitment getting hectic

Breiden Fehoko doesn't have a frontrunner of a group of favorites. The four-star defensive tackle doesn't have a "lean" or a conference preference. What he does have, however, are family ties.
Both Texas Tech and Utah boast very specific and personal draws. Fehoko has a brother currently playing for the Utes. But his tie to Texas Tech may be even stronger than that. There's certainly something to be said for being coached - even slightly - by a sibling.
"My brother, Sam, is currently finishing up his degree at Texas Tech," Fehoko said. "Right after that, he'll go into spring ball and become a graduate assistant over there at Texas Tech. His mentor, Mike Smith, the current defensive coordinator at Texas Tech, is actually real close with our family. He mentored Sam growing up through high school and college. Sam knows him and his style of coaching. He wants to groom Sam into a really good coach.
"My brother at Utah, I talk to him a lot about Utah. He just wants the best for me. He thinks it would be great if I went to Utah, but he'll be there to support me wherever I go. That's the kind of support system I have."
That's not to say Fehoko is leaning one way or another. That's not the case at all. A high school junior with more than 20 scholarship offers to his name, Fehoko is staying open. He knows more offers could be on the way.
The parade of college coaches dropping by Honolulu's Farrington High School shows no signs of slowing.
"USC just came by a while back," Fehoko said. "Oklahoma, Stanford, UCLA, Colorado … all of them have been in. A lot of schools are coming by before the bowl games.
"A lot of schools are going to be coming back with their head coaches in January. So, Arizona State is going to be coming down. Washington, Washington State, CaliforniaOregon State is going to be coming down. There's just a whole bunch of them in January. I'm really excited for that."
It's not just college coaches that are doing the traveling, though. Fehoko will do plenty of it himself. He has no visit dates scheduled just yet, but a rough draft of a plan is in place. There are schools he'd like to see this summer, and plans to tour them in clusters.
A trimming of his list will come on the heels of his official visits. He won't waste his time or that of others by stringing every school along. His focus will narrow in a hurry.
"I'm probably going to start narrowing it down this summer when I take my visits," Fehoko said. I'll see schools like Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Cal when I'm out there for camps in the summer. Then I'll come back and probably visit USC and Oregon. I'll start really narrowing it down. It's been fun, but there's going to come a time this offseason that I need to start narrowing it down to a top five already."
A member of the Rivals250 presented by Under-Armour, Fehoko is the No. 10 defensive tackle in America and the No. 105-ranked prospect in the 2015 class.