Fedoras departure has Thompson uncertain

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Pearl (Miss.) three-star wide receiver D.J. Thompson committed to Southern Miss earlier this year for a variety of reasons, which was reinforced with their recent major victory over Houston.
"I was really excited, they just won the C-USA Championship and they are a good team," Thompson said. "They also throw the ball a lot and I'd get a lot of opportunity with them. I had also grown really close with the coaches there."
But the 6-foot-4, 190-pound wideout was disturbed earlier this week when he heard that Larry Fedora was departing Hattiesburg for Chapel Hill.

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"I heard that he (Coach Fedora) was going to North Carolina and I was like 'Wow'," Thompson said. "The assistant coach (from Southern Miss) has stressed to me to call him, but I haven't been able to yet. I am pretty sure that is the reason he wants to talk to me. I don't know right now if they are going to take the recruits with them or not to North Carolina and I don't know right now if I would commit to North Carolina."
"I last talked to Southern Miss on Monday," Thompson added. "I think I am going to call today to see what is going on, what is happening. I just want to know what the deal is, what the plan is. I just don't know where things stand right now."
Thompson shared some of the questions that he has for the staff at Southern Miss.
"First and foremost, is all of the staff going with him, which I am pretty sure they are," Thompson said. "I also want to know if they are bringing the recruits with them to North Carolina. If they are, then I will have to make another decision. It was easy making the decision to be an hour away from home at Southern Miss."
The Magnolia State product said that it is tough to be considered a commitment at this time with all of the uncertainty surrounding the program.
"Right now I don't even know who the coach is going to be," Thompson said. "So it would be a hard decision to even think about staying there. I am just going to have to see what happens."
In addition to the possibility of interest from North Carolina, Thompson said he also has interest in Ole Miss and Mississippi State.