FB Joyer will stick with the Gators

The nation's No. 1 fullback recruit, Hunter Joyer, committed to Florida over the summer and has been as solid as a recruit can be before signing papers with a school.
The Tampa (Fla.) Catholic fullback was just as surprised as everyone else to hear of head coach Urban Meyer's departure, but he remains totally on board with the Gators. Don't expect that to change.
"I was pretty shocked and a little bit upset but I'm still 100-percent with Florida and the Gators," Joyer said on Wednesday afternoon. "I'll stay with them."

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Joyer said he has not spoken with any of the coaches but he has been on the phone with a good number of the other recruits currently committed to Florida.
"I've spoken to quite a few recruits. I've just talked to them about staying, being patient and I told them not to make any crazy decisions.
"Most of them I talked to seemed like they're sticking with us. It seemed like there might be a couple that could decide to leave but I think most of them are still solid."
When asked which recruits he believes might consider backing out of their verbal pledge Joyer said he wasn't thinking about anyone in particular.
"We're all a little bit upset that he's left but I don't think anyone's so upset they're at the point of leaving right now," he clarified.
Joyer was scheduled to be in Gainesville for his official visit this weekend and those plans are obviously up in the air. He said he will try to get in touch with someone in the program this evening to see if those plans are still on or if he needs to reschedule.