Fatu has one offer, looking for more

Spring (Texas) Klein Oak's E.J. Fatu has been one of the more productive running backs in the Houston area this season. From his tailback spot he has helped the Panthers to a likely playoff berth.
The big 5-foot-10, 235-pound junior may be relatively new to the offensive side of the ball but it did not stop one team from already offering him a scholarship. It came as a big surprise to Fatu.
"I have an offer from Arizona State," Fatu said. "They offered me during spring ball. They came for one practice and then the next day they offered me. It was a big surprise but it was really cool."

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Several other programs have been recruiting Fatu as well and a couple more could be on the verge of offering.
"I've been getting a lot of mail from Nebraska, Oregon, UCLA and a bunch of schools out west," he said. "I've also been hearing from Texas too.
"I'm thinking Nebraska (might offer soon) because I've been getting a ton of stuff from them. I don't know about TCU, they could offer as well."
Fatu has not been to any campuses for games this fall but hopes to make some unofficial visits in the spring.
"I'm planning on making some trips after our football season," he said. "I really want to get up to Oregon. It seems like a good school and I've heard a lot of good things about them. I might also check out TCU because my brother wants to go there next year."
The big junior has not been in Texas for all that long. However, he has not been hearing from schools from the region from which he moved.
"We moved here from Florida three years ago," Fatu said. "We lived in Pensacola. I haven't really heard from any Florida schools, though. I haven't really gotten anything from the East Coast. I told my coaches my top teams so that's probably why everything seems to be coming from West Coast schools.
"Oregon is sticking out to me the most right now. That's why I want to go visit them. That's the one that I'm really focused on right now."
Though he plays tailback for Klein Oak, Fatu knows a position change is in order at the next level. Though it would seem like fullback would be the natural move, there are some other possibilities as well.
"I think schools are looking at me as a fullback, tight end and linebacker," he said. "During spring ball I was playing running back so I think Arizona State offered me as a fullback. It wouldn't be hard to transition from the main back to a fullback role for me.
"In college, I actually wanted to go back to playing defense. I really want to play linebacker. I've been playing that position for a long time and running back is new to me this year. Last year I did it a little bit but this year has just surprised me. I thought I was going to go back to defense but my team needs me at running back."
So far this season Fatu has rushed for 765 yards and five touchdowns on 116 attempts for an average of 6.6 yards per carry. He has also added eight receptions for 103 yards.