Farniok talks recruiting

Class of 2016 offensive tackle Matt Farniok is breaking down barriers early in his recruitment.
The native of traditionally lightly-recruited South Dakota went out and won the offensive line MVP award at the Rivals Camp this past weekend in Chicago and already holds five scholarship offers. He had two older brothers who helped pave the way for him, though, and have given him a roadmap on the recruiting process.
Farniok's oldest brother, Tom Farniok, signed with Iowa State in the 2010 class. The next year Derek Farniok signed with Oklahoma, and those connections are helping the Matt acclimate himself to the college football world.
"Right now, I probably know Iowa State and Oklahoma the best because of my brothers," Farniok said. "Oklahoma has not [offered] yet. I haven't talked at all with Oklahoma. It just seems like a cool campus, everything seems kind of close and it seems like a fun place to be. My brother hasn't complained about it at all."
Iowa State has offered the younger Farniok. They are one of five early offers for the 2016 lineman, and have already made a strong, early impression.
"I feel like I am one of their higher recruits," Farniok said. "Every time I go out there they make sure I am with someone. It seems like a really energetic place and it seems to be headed in the right direction."
The inside look at specific college programs afforded him by his brothers is beneficial to Farniok in understanding those schools, but he is not automatically going to follow them to Ames or Norman.
"It's more finding a school that is right for me that I can really fit into and reach my potential at," Farniok said.
The other four schools that have extended early offers to Farniok are Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Washington State.
"I am kind of excited to look at Minnesota," Farniok said. "I haven't been out there yet, and I think they have a pretty cool campus I wouldn't mind looking at. I just recently met their coach, so I still don't know too many people out there."
The 6-foot-5, 308-pound Farniok bested a deep group of offensive linemen at the Rivals Camp in Chicago for the offensive line MVP award. He took reps at tackle, guard and center during the one-on-one session of the event.