Fanuzzi starts with familiar offer

When your father was a high profile college quarterback, the expectations figure to be high for the son playing that same position. Going into his senior year though, San Antonio (Texas) Churchill signal caller Nick Fanuzzi's father, Mike Fanuzzi, has made sure his son knows that it's all about having fun.
Fanuzzi's father was a college quarterback who played at Kentucky. The first offer that came to the house was actually surprising to both father and son. Though tons of coaches had been by the school, the older Fanuzzi was just wondering where his alma mater was.
"We had Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Texas and a bunch of others all come up to the school," Fanuzzi's father said. "We got a little bit from Kentucky, but I wondered where they were at in all of this."
"Then I got an e-mail and the first offer came just this past week from them. It was exciting for me that they were the first ones to send an offer."
Fanuzzi's father has lived all over the country, being originally from New Jersey and spending time in the Midwest. He says that there isn't any pressure for his son to go to any one school.
"The most important thing is to get with a program that is good for him," Fanuzzi's father said. "It's important that he feels comfortable. From a parent's standpoint, yes, it's nice that they're close. But from a decision standpoint, he has to find the best place for him wherever it is."
The young quarterback has told his parents on numerous occasions that he is open at this time.
"We've asked him about a top group of schools or anything like that, but he keeps saying that there isn't a top team," Fanuzzi's father said. "If there is one, he hasn't divulged it to us."
Junior days and camps will be the next big priority for the talented young man. With a shortened season last year due to a shoulder injury, Fanuzzi stated in a previous update that he wants to show what he can do.
"He's been invited to go see Miami, Texas Tech, LSU, Oklahoma State, and a bunch of them," Fanuzzi's father said about travel plans. "He can't make all of them, of course, but he's going to try to see what he can."
The experience has been fun for both father and son so far. Fanuzzi says that he doesn't remember this kind of media attention when he was going through the process. Therefore, the family is taking the recruiting process as slow as possible.
"It's all new to him," Fanuzzi's father said. "He's just trying to sift through all of it and make the best possible choice."