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Family pulling Colorado LB different ways

Zach Latimer has the unenviable task of deciding which family member he plans to tell no. The Rivals100 outside linebacker has family pulling him to far away Miami and has other family wanting him to stay near his hometown of Aurora, Colo.
"My uncle and my dad went to Miami, so they are pulling me a little that way,” the 6-foot-4, 215-pounder from Aurora Gateway said. “That’s especially true with my uncle. He really wants me to go down there. It is about a 50 percent chance that I will stay in-state or leave, I'm just not real sure yet."
Latimer definitely has some interest in the Hurricanes as well.
"I will probably go down there for a visit." He said. "There is fun stuff to do in Miami, just don't want to let that get me in trouble."
Latimer says Miami is dead even with the rest of his list.
"I also like Colorado, Colorado State, UCLA, Nebraska, Purdue and Missouri," he said. "That is in no particular order. Another one, Kansas State, might be alright."
If he were to stay in state, the Buffaloes might have a slight edge.
"I really like coach Bieniemy he is a real nice guy," he said. "I met coach (Gary) Barnett when I went up there for a visit. He was just a lot different than what I see on television on those post game press conferences."
Latimer said he has offers from all of his favorites except UCLA and Nebraska, but thinks those could be coming in the near future.