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Family first for Christian Bryant

CLEVELAND- Standing at a podium in room 102, Glenville's Christian Bryant made his college choice on Tuesday in front of family, teammates, and several media members. He had two hats in front of him- Ohio State and North Carolina. Before announcing his choice, the four-star cornerback talked about making a decision for his community, and his state.
The North Carolina hat looked out of place. The Glenville-Ohio State pipeline held, and Bryant chose the Buckeyes over the Tar Heels and dozens of other scholarship offers.
"In my final decision, I had to think not only about myself, but my family and my community," Bryant said. "This city and state have been good to me and my future I just want to do great things and give back to the children that came before me and that are coming after me.
"I know the guys that have come before me that went to Ohio State, the guys that come from the same community, and I talked to those guys. they played a big role in this choice. They told me just to stay poised in this recruiting process. Ohio State had a little bit of an edge because it is just closer to home, and my bond with those coaches."
Bryant's father, Ronnie, expects plenty of phone calls from friends and family.
"I expect everyone to be excited," Ronnie Bryant said. "That is what I told Christian, especially over the last couple of weeks. I reminded him that there is no decision that you will make that will only affect your life, directly or indirectly, it will affect someone else. With those things under consideration, the decision was a no-brainer."
While at the podium, Christian called the process "exhausting." But he relied on his family and coaches to help him manage the process.
"You go through the recruiting process, there are so many options, and people really know how to recruit," Glenville assistant coach Tony Overton said. "It can be exciting for a recruit, but also overwhelming. Christian handled it as well as any kid we have ever had. He is a high character kid, and very intelligent. All in all he made the best decision for him and his family."
"I am elated, but also humbled," Ronnie Bryant said. "I am an honored as a parent. In reference to North Carolina, I appreciate them I told them that. But nevertheless, there are some dynamics at Ohio State, in terms of the family stuff I saw, that just magnify what we already have, and that was the decision. When we took those things into account, there was no question that the answer is two hours down the road."
Bryant will be the sixteenth Glenville prospect to sign with Ohio State since 2002. He is Ohio State 18th commitment in the class of 2010.