Famer fights up the charts

Last year when college coaches went to watch offensive lineman Ian Symonette, a standout athlete playing quarterback, receiver and cornerback sparked a lot of attention.
Coaches started to ask who that guy was. When they found out that Tarence Farmer was only a junior they made promises to be back in the spring to recruit him.
And those promises have been kept.
Farmer, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound, two-way star is one of the best kept secrets in all of Texas. Even though he had a remarkable junior season and is getting plenty of attention from the college coaches his name is just now starting to surface when you talk about blue-chip prospects.
"I'd put Tarence up against anyone in the city of Houston," St. Pius coach Robin Kirk said. "He has a good sense about him and is tremendously physical."
That physical ability, along with a 4.47-second time in the 40-yard dash, a 225-pound bench press, a 415-pound squat and a resume of impressive stats make Farmer a very intriguing prospect.
He said he will play on either side of the ball that coaches ask of him, and he's equally talented at both, even though most schools see him as a lockdown cover corner.
"I like to burn guys deep," Farmer, who averaged 17 yards a catch and had 730 yards and nine touchdowns as a junior, said. "I'm a deep type of receiver. I like to run the straight fly route and beat them. I'm a cover guy on defense, but I can also come up and make the big hit. I had five interceptions last year and six as a sophomore.
"I'm pretty much an all-around player. I feel I can play any position you ask me to. I'll do what it takes."
Success on the gridiron is nothing new to the Farmer family. His older brother, Clarence Farmer, played for four years with the Arizona Wildcats before moving on to the NFL. He's now playing in Canada and is one of the most important people in Tarence's life.
"I really look up to him," Farmer said. "He taught me how to work hard and how to work on certain techniques. He said I need to pace myself in the workouts and always be training and preparing for the season.
"He's very important in my life and I look up to him. He's a big reason why I'm a success on the football field."
When it comes to college, at this point it doesn't look like he'll be heading West like his brother did. LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC and Arizona State are the schools sending him the most mail. He doesn't have any official offers yet, but he said several schools are on the verge of it.
"I'm looking for a school that plays really good defense and my style of hard work," Farmer said. "I like schools like Miami, LSU and Tennessee because they have good offenses, and Oklahoma is a school I know they play great defense at."