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Fact or Fiction: Ohio State is better off under Ryan Day

National recruiting director Mike Farrell and national recruiting analyst Adam Gorney tackle three topics daily and determine whether they believe the statements or not.

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Ohio State is better with Ryan Day.

Ryan Day
Ryan Day (AP Images)

Farrell’s take: FICTION. While Ohio State is impressive so far under Ryan Day, it’s too early to say he’s going to take the Buckeyes to a level beyond Urban Meyer. The bar is set pretty high. While Day hasn’t lost a game yet and Ohio State looks unstoppable, we will have to wait and see if Day has an annual stumble the way Meyer did against a weaker team. It’s a fun question to ask now but we will know more in a few years.

Gorney’s take: FACT. I’m not disparaging Meyer at all because he’s one of the best coaches in college football history and he was incredible at Ohio State, but this team looks refocused and ready to prove itself as one of the best teams in the country. The Buckeyes are playing with renewed vigor, toughness and Day has this team rolling. I love his focus, too, since there is no question he wants to prove there hasn’t been a drop-off in success. That level of focus and intensity has helped Ohio State become arguably one of the top-two teams in the country.


Wisconsin has the best defense in the country.

Collin Wilder
Collin Wilder (AP Images)

Farrell’s take: FICTION. Wisconsin has the second-best defense in the country behind Auburn, but it’s a close call. I love the way Wisconsin plays as a team and swarms to the football but Auburn has a little more talent on defense at this stage and the Tigers' defensive line puts them over the top.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. I love Auburn’s defense, Florida’s defense is right up there and there’s no question Ohio State is high up on the list. I do like Wisconsin’s unit very much but I don’t think they’re the best in the country, especially since the Badgers haven’t had many tests yet, other than in an impressive win over Michigan. We won’t know exactly how good or bad this Wisconsin defense is for a few weeks until they play Ohio State and Iowa.


It’s time for Clemson fans to panic.

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence (AP Images)

Farrell’s take: FICTION. Let’s all settle down. Clemson has traditionally played down to opponents once or twice early in the season. The North Carolina game was scary but the Tigers are still undefeated. Should they be No 1 in the country? Probably not, but I'm not going to freak out until they lose one of these lackluster performances.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. Panic is a strong word, but there is reason for concern because the Tigers have not looked all that great this season. Against Texas A&M, a team that really isn’t all that great, Clemson did not look sharp. Against North Carolina, the Tigers looked unmotivated and downright bad at times. There is so much talent on this team at every position that I still think Clemson is one of the top-four teams in the country, but Alabama, Ohio State and maybe even LSU and Georgia are playing better football right now.