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Fact or Fiction: Miami can vault to the top of Julian Armella's list

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam Gorney and recruiting analysts Sam Spiegelman and Adam Friedman along with Gary Ferman of tackle three topics in recruiting and determine whether they believe each statement or not.


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1. Julian Armella's visit to Miami can push the Hurricanes to the top of his list.

Julian Armella
Julian Armella (Nick Lucero/

Gorney’s take: FICTION. It’s definitely a good sign that Julian Armella is planning to be at Miami early in the month before other visits through the summer but I still think the five-star offensive tackle is going to leave the state to play college football. LSU and Alabama are probably set as his two favorites right now as the development of offensive linemen at both of those programs is unquestioned and Armella has his sights set on the NFL. Miami and Florida State still have a chance but my guess is Armella goes to the SEC.

Ferman’s take: FICTION. From Day 1 of recruiting, it has seemed clear that Armella has been focused on leaving South Florida. There have not been any signs at all to this point that he is seriously considering Miami. After some initial FSU interest - his father, Enzo Armella, played defensive line for the Seminoles in the early 1990s - everything we have been hearing is pointing to LSU. But that said, it is a real positive for the Hurricanes to get him to come to the June 1 barbeque. It shows that Miami at least remains in the game. We are just not ready to say that the Hurricanes are at the top of the list just yet.



2. Khamauri Rogers will stay in-state and play at Ole Miss.

Khamauri Rogers
Khamauri Rogers (Sam Spiegelman)

Gorney’s take: FACT. No doubt there are other programs involved here and I’m not discounting many of them - especially Miami since he’s going to visit there twice in June - and the four-star could definitely not end up at Ole Miss but his relationships there are by-far the best. Khamauri Rogers has been recruited by position coach Terrell Buckley for years and assistant Derrick Nix is also working on him. Ole Miss is the in-state program, the coaching staff has been coming hard after him and my guess is those things win out.

Spiegelman’s take: FICTION. Ole Miss is a contender and you can never discount Lane Kiffin, especially recruiting in his backyard. However, Rogers has been hearing from Notre Dame, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Miami as well. I would not rule out Alabama or even LSU, a school he was at one point committed to, just yet either. Ole Miss checks a ton of boxes and there's no question that Rogers is open to playing close to home. However, there's plenty of stiff competition out-of-state.



3. Omarion Hampton and George Pettaway can both end up at North Carolina.

Omarion Hampton
Omarion Hampton (

Gorney’s take: FACT. There might be a squeeze on how big this North Carolina recruiting class will be but the opportunity to recreate the dynamic duo of Javonte Williams and Michael Carter that had so much success in Chapel Hill this past season might be too much to pass up. Omarion Hampton looks like the more likely one to end up with the Tar Heels but George Pettway is also serious about North Carolina. Top backs like playing with each other now and don’t worry about splitting carries so I still think this is something that could happen. Will both end up with the Tar Heels? That might be tough but it’s definitely possible.

Friedman’s take: FICTION. Unless something changes or the coaching staff starts to feel differently about the running backs on the roster, the Tar Heels will likely only take one running back in this relatively small 2022 recruiting class. Hampton has been on campus multiple times in the past month, taking advantage of his proximity to the school to get familiar with the environment. Pettaway also has very strong bonds at UNC and is close with many of the players but he hasn't been on campus very much. Both are going to use their visits this summer and in the fall so we can count on some twists and turns along the way.