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Fact or Fiction: Foreman will land at USC

National recruiting director Mike Farrell and national recruiting analyst Adam Gorney tackle three topics daily and determine whether they believe the statements or not.

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1. Top prospect Korey Foreman will sign with USC.

Korey Foreman
Korey Foreman (TrojanSports.com)

Farrell’s take: FACT. Okay this is just a guess as the No 1 player in the country just de-committed from Clemson, but in this pandemic environment, more and more recruits will stay closer to home. Does that mean Oregon and others are out? Of course not, but if Clay Helton has a big year on the field then Foreman will join the Trojans and if he doesn’t, they should be able to make a huge hire that would attract him.

Gorney’s take: FACT. The main reason Foreman de-committed from Clemson was because he wanted to take more visits and the Tigers have a policy against doing that. But another reason was because USC has always been an attractive destination and the Trojans have to be considered the big winner at this point in his recruitment. Foreman and Drake Jackson are not only friends but they train together and Foreman is close with the family. Plus, playing closer to home is a draw. If Helton is not retained after this season, who knows, but my guess is USC looks best. I still wouldn’t count out Clemson, Ohio State or Alabama, either.


2. The NCAA rule changes are big ones.

Farrell’s take: FICTION. What’s the point? Players ejected for targeting can remain on the sidelines? Players can wear the number zero? Boring. The targeting rule is awful and the NCAA needed to focus on making it more cut and dry and consistent with officiating rather than worry if a player can stay on the sidelines or not.

The NCAA should worry less about extending officials jurisdiction from 60 minutes to 90 minutes before games and reducing the time of replays and focus more on streamlining the officiating process and better train officials overall. Let me know when they fix that.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. If the rules committee was serious about targeting, there would be two levels of that rule. We all watch college football and know when it’s an egregious hit where a player should be kicked out of the game and one where an offensive player dips his head and the defender can’t get out of the way and he’s still kicked out of the game for targeting.

A change in that rule would be major because it would take the vicious, unnecessary hit out of the game but not the more accidental contact on some targeting calls. I do like that most replays will be set to two minutes as well. Just make a call and move on, stop taking 10 minutes to figure something out.

3. Isaiah Simmons is the best defensive player in the draft not named Chase Young. 

Farrell’s take: FICTION. I like Jeff Okudah and Derrick Brown a bit better at their positions although I do feel that Simmons will be a great player as well. The difference between Simmons and the next linebackers — Patrick Queen and Kenneth Murray — isn’t as big as many think and Okudah and Brown have a chance to be difference-makers right away in the right system. Simmons is great but others are better.

Gorney’s take: FACT. Simmons is the prototype for what NFL teams are looking for - rangy guys who can play in space, make a ton of plays and be utilized all over any kind of defense to make a difference. Okudah is the best corner in the draft but C.J. Henderson is not that far off. Brown is the best defensive tackle but he’s not going to live in backfields. Simmons is special, he’s rare and that’s why he’s the most important defensive player in the draft.

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