Rivals.com - Fact or Fiction: Bobby Bowden is a top-five all-time coach
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Fact or Fiction: Bobby Bowden is a top-five all-time coach

In today’s Fact or Fiction, Rivals National Columnist Mike Farrell looks at three big recent topics in college football and decides whether the statement about them is FACT or FICTION.


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1. Bobby Bowden is a top-five all-time coach.

Bobby Bowden
Bobby Bowden (Getty Images)

FARRELL'S TAKE: FACT. This isn’t as easy as you think with legendary names like Nick Saban, Bear Bryant, Joe Paterno, Urban Meyer and others high on the list. But what Bobby Bowden did by finishing in the top five nationally for 14 consecutive seasons is beyond amazing. His 357 wins rank second only to Paterno. Let’s say Saban is first and Bryant second. After that, it’s a good debate but there is no way Bowden doesn’t finish at least No. 5.

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2. Justyn Ross will surpass 1,000 yards receiving.

Justyn Ross
Justyn Ross (Getty Images)

FARRELL'S TAKE: FACT. The Clemson wide receiver has been cleared to play this season after missing last year with a congenital fusion of his spine which he’s had since birth but was just discovered after a stinger. Coming off his 2019 season in which he had 66 catches for 865 yards, Justyn Ross is expected to be one of the top receivers in the country. After a 1,000-yard freshman year, he’s going to easily top 1,000 yards this season and will re-establish himself as a potential first-round pick.



3. NIL is bad for high school football.

Quinn Ewers
Quinn Ewers (Sam Spiegelman)

FARRELL'S TAKE: FICTION. A lot of people are up in arms about Quinn Ewers' decision to head to Ohio State early because Texas high school restrictions wouldn’t allow him to profit off his Name, Image and Likeness. But let’s be clear, once these dumb restrictions are lifted in certain states then we won’t have this issue. High school players will be allowed, with their parents of course if they are under 18, to monetize their brand before they reach college and it won’t lead to a massive upswing of players leaving early as some fear. Don’t be afraid of NIL. Embrace it.