Ezekoye is starting to take visits

Athlete Ndubisi Ezekoye took one unofficial visit not too long ago. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder plans to take two more trips in the near future. What's the latest with his recruitment?
"I went to Navy when they played Delaware (November 14th)," he said. "I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked how close knit the team was and it's not just the players, but the coaches, administration, cadets and everyone when they won.
"I went into the locker room and it was like the whole school accomplished something. It's not just the football team. The whole academic staff was there to celebrate the win too. I was wowed. They are a serious option and I'm fine with the military stuff."
Ezekoye plans to take visits to Georgetown and Harvard over the next two weekends.
Previously Harvard appeared to stand out, is that still the case?
"Harvard is still up there, but I'm still going to gie Georgetown, Cornell, Navy, Army and Connecticut some play," he said. "I haven't been able to get up to Connecticut. I have an offer from them and I visited this summer with my family and saw everything. I was very impressed, but I don't think another visit would change my mind from what I already saw because my opinion is already positive with them."
Meanwhile, a few other schools are also taking note of Ezekoye including Delaware, Toledo and Towson.