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Eye of the hurricane

Not many people can say they have literally been in the eye of a hurricane. Hitchcock (Texas) High defensive end Michael Sam can literally say he has been.
Sam woke up after midnight Saturday September 13th outside his friend's house.
"I woke up and was pretty dazed," he said. "We walked outside and it was pretty cool. It was so hot and humid and just still. Not a sound. Then we figured it out that we were in the eye of the storm. After that, it got pretty scary. A window broke out and the wind made the strangest sound I've ever heard."
Sam's Hitchcock Bulldogs will return practice Tuesday after being off for over 10 days. Much of his small community still doesn't have power.
"I'm staying with friends that have power," he said. "A lot of our teachers don't have power at home and are being asked to return to school. It's pretty rough down here.'
Hitchcock, which is ranked in the state, is ready to get back to playing ball. Sam is ready to get back on the field to earn some more Division I scholarship offers.
"I was offered by Iowa State right before the storm," he said. "I think Missouri and Oklahoma State is getting close to offering. I really like those programs."
Houston, Colorado State and Arizona State have also offered Sam.