Evans starts season with a bang

Jamaal Evans has a message for everybody – keep doubting him.
Some coaches, experts and reporters for some reason keep saying he's not a big-time running back. He's not fast enough. He's not big enough. He's not this, he's not that.
But you can include the Keller Fossil Ridge defense as believers of how talented the 5-foot-8, 185-pound four-star all-purpose back is.
Evans rushed for game-high 201 yards on only 25 carries. That's eight yards a rush for you non-math majors.
"I felt really good," Evans said. "We were running just basic plays – stretches, base dives and off tackle plays. They were a real physical defense, but I just kept grinding away and it kept opening up."
Did it ever.
Evans also contributed quite a bit on the special teams. He laid a key block that helped spring teammate Adron Tennell for a 94-yard touchdown.
"I just kicked the guy out and he followed me behind me," Evans said. "I looked up after the block and Adron was gone. I was just happy we scored. I don't care who scored because we won."
Evans said he's missed several coaches that have tried to call him on the phone since this past Thursday, but he did get a chance to watch one of his favorites on television last night.
"I watched the Georgia Tech game," Evans said. "That was a very big win for them over Auburn. I liked what I saw, especially how they used their running backs. I always talk to the running back coach, and he's a neat guy, so I was happy to see them win."
Evans lists Oklahoma State high on his list, along with Tech, Minnesota and North Carolina also having laid down scholarship offers. Iowa State, Texas A&M and Texas Tech have also been involved with him.