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Errington Truesdell commits to Vanderbilt

It looked like it could be Wake Forest early in the recruiting process. Then Atlanta (Ga.) Woodward Academy linebacker Errington Truesdell was leaning towards going Ivy League with Harvard not too long ago, but Vanderbilt came in with an offer October 30, and that changed things quickly.

The three-star had been hearing some from the Commodores, and he knew he was under evaluation this fall, so when the offer came, the momentum quickly shifted towards the SEC program in Nashville.

Now he is committed.

"Vanderbilt is just the right school for me with their education and football," said Truesdell. "I have a teammate (Alan Wright) committed there, I have a former teammate (Mike Wright) up there, and I feel just like they did about Vanderbilt.

"It offers a great education, the coaches will push me and I love what it has to offer."

Since the offer was extended, communication has been consistent. With the visits banned since mid March due to the pandemic, Truesdell has not stepped foot on the Vanderbilt campus, but he has taken a virtual tour.

He feels very good about his decision.

"I have pretty much been talking to the whole staff, then on the virtual tour, I talked to the academic advisor and people like that too. I have learned a lot about the program and the coaches already.

"The tour really gave me a lot of the details on the inside and outside. I really liked everything I saw, everything I heard and what all they showed me about the school, the program and the education.

"What I like most is their philosophy. They told me they are not going to hold my hand, but I am going to have to work to be great at Vanderbilt. I like that a lot. They told me they will be there if I need them, but my success there will be up to me. I know I have it inside to be great there."

Truesdell has had a big senior season, and that played a big role in this opportunity. He is a big hitter at linebacker, he has shown the ability to move sideline to sideline this fall and he is now set to be the third Woodward Academy graduate to call Nashville home in the last two classes.

He is looking at the possibility of taking a trip to Nashville on his own just to walk the city, check out the campus and get a feel for the environment, but even without that, he is strong in his decision.

"Vanderbilt just fits me I believe," said Truesdell. "Talking the coaches, hearing what Mike has told me about things there and knowing what all they offer fits who I am and what I do on and off the field.

"I am happy and relieved about this decision, but I am definitely not content. I will keep working and go do my best to be great at Vanderbilt."