Eric Hedstrom talks Purdue visit and more

Mount Prospect, Ill. three star ranked offensive lineman recruit Eric Hedstrom (6-foot-6, 265 pounds) is excited about the Knights 2-1 start this season.
“It was a good win for us on Friday night over Barrington," Eric Hedstrom said. "We put in a lot of work getting ready for them, and I watched a ton of tape on them, and the rest of the team did the same. It was a big win for us, and now we need to prepare just as hard for Schaumburg this week. It's a good feeling to see how the hard work pays off when you get a win."
Hedstrom also made an official visit two weeks ago to Purdue and talked about his experiences.

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"It was an amazing official visit. I had so much fun at Purdue. We arrived late on Saturday, mainly because we got stuck in some seriously bad traffic on the Illinois/Indiana border. We must have sat on I-80 for about two plus hours. On Saturday night I went to dinner with the team, then after wards I was able to just hang out with the players and that was great. Sunday morning I ate breakfast with the team, and they went to church after breakfast. I went and met with the academic people at Purdue, and I was able to talk with a few advisors and a few professors in the Engineering department."
"I went to the game, and I was also able to spend halftime in the locker room with the team. I was really surprised at how intense the halftime speeches were, and I had to check the scoreboard to make sure that Purdue was still winning because the coaches really got after them to keep playing hard. I was really surprised at the speed of the game in person, it seemed like the players were going about a 100 miles an hour compared to the high school level. I was also able to have dinner with the team and the coaches after the game, and I was able to talk with head coach Joe Tiller for a long time. I just had an overall great time on my official visit to Purdue."
So is Hedstrom close to making his final college decision at this point?
"I really like Purdue a lot, but I also like Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern and Northern Illinois as well. At first I wanted to make as early a decision as possible, but the longer I wait the harder it is to decide. I'm going to wait and see how things go over the next several weeks, and I'm also going to really look at everyone equally before I make my final decision."
Does Hedstrom have any additional official visits set?
"Not at this point, but I'm going to start to try and figure that out very soon."