Empey closing in on decision

James Empey may take just one official visit. He won't commitment to such a plan totally but says it's certainly more than a possibility. Empey has already seen the campuses of Boise State, BYU, Washington, Utah and Utah State. As it turns out, those campuses may be all the American Fork (Utah) High School offensive lineman needs to see.
Empey hopes to be committed by the end of August. Could something change? Sure. But he's certainly not counting on it. His recruitment could end at any moment.
"I'm thinking about committing before the season," Empey said. "I have been for a while. I just think it would be cool. I haven't yet obviously, but I'm still working on it.
"I haven't thought of a date. Before the season has just been the plan in an ideal world."
He remains noncommittal when asked about life after his decision. Empey says he will likely only officially visit the school to which he commits during the season. Unofficial visits to Utah, Utah State and BYU are also options.
Proximity has played a part in the process to this point, after all.
"I've probably been hearing from the in-state schools the most," Empey said.
A post-graduation mission trip has been a major part of Empey's recruitment from the jump, and that hasn't changed down the stretch. Still, his faith and everything that comes with it aren't the only things guiding his thoughts.
"I'm looking at the overall atmosphere of the school and relationships with coaches," he said. "The coaches accepting that I'm going on a mission have to accept that, but all the schools recruiting me have accepted that."