Elite programs contacting 2010 OL

When offensive guard Daquan Jones picked up early scholarship offers from Boston College and Maryland in his junior season most observers realized he would be pegged as one of the top prospects in the state for the Class of 2010.
While he's still just sitting on those two offers some of college football's titans have started to show interest.
The 6-foot-4, 302-pound guard from Johnson City, New York attended the BC-Maryland game during the season. It's been a while since that time but he still has fond memories of the experience.
"I haven't had a chance to do anything else since then," Jones explained. "It was good, though. I got to see both teams play so that was a great opportunity. It went really well."
While Jones hasn't visited any other schools since then, schools have started to take notice.
"The other day I got a call from Oregon at my school. My athletics director told me they called so I'm going to try to get in touch with them.
"I'm just getting new letters from UCLA, Oklahoma, Florida and Vanderbilt, too. I'm thinking about going to some camps, I just don't know where yet."
Johnson City was 5-4 on the season before losing in the playoffs. Jones lined up at offensive tackle and defensive end, but said he projects as an offensive guard at the college level.
"This year I think I improved my pass blocking and pulling on counters and stuff like that," Jones said. "On defense I just tried to be as physical as I can be and I think I did that."
Jones went on to say he does not yet have any favorites. He also added that at one point he thought location would be a major factor, but he and his father have talked it over and decided that he will seriously consider schools outside the region in addition to those closer to home.