Elite Georgia back down to three

PAISLEY, Fla. - At the recent FBU Top Gun Camp, Rajion Neal was one prospect that took advantage of the high profile setting and the highly ranked players around him to boost his own stock. Neal had a terrific week running routes, catching the football, and showing explosiveness with and without the ball in his hands. The camp was a fitting close to a strong summer of camps for the versatile back.
"It's been good," Neal said of the summer. "It's been productive. I've just been working, trying to get bigger, stronger and faster. I've been attending some camps, trying to get some exposure and just enjoy my summer."
With his strong performance at FBU, Neal is hoping that he has finished his summer off on a positive note and also hopes that he has taken steps towards accomplishing the goals and expectations he had for the Top Gun camp.

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"I'm definitely trying to get into that Army All-American game," said the three-star back. "I'm trying to get me another star too and I'm just trying to enjoy myself."
Now that the camp circuit is essentially finished, Neal is closing in on a college decision, one that he is hoping to make before the start of his senior football season.
"Recruiting is coming to an end," he said. "My top three would be Louisville, Kentucky and Mississippi State. I plan on making my decision before the season starts so that I can just focus on the season and enjoy my senior year."
Neal has visited both Louisville and Mississippi State and hopes to squeeze in one more visit to Kentucky before his final decision is made. The schools all have a lot of the characteristics that Neal is looking for in a college home.
"All three of them are in need of a back and they like my versatility as me catching and also being able to run downhill," he said. "They've got great facilities and coaches I could see myself being around for four or five years."
Mississippi State is a campus that Neal enjoyed when he had the opportunity to visit Starkville this summer.
"I liked it down there," he said. "It has a real homey feel and it's big but it's got that small family feel. It's in the SEC. It has nice facilities and the coaches treated me real well and the players did too. I could see myself down there."
While Neal enjoyed the small-town feel of Starkville, he also enjoyed the bigger city feel of the Louisville campus.
"Louisville was very nice. They don't have a professional team there so they're treated very well and they're right downtown in downtown Louisville. They have a great fanbase, the coaches treated me very well and my parents say that they love it down there."
Though Neal has yet to visit the Kentucky campus in Lexington, there are still a number of factors that appeal to him about the SEC program sight unseen, most notably the coaching staff.
"With Kentucky, it's there coach Joker Phillips," he said. "We talk oftern and he tells me that all their backs are juniors and seniors and they need a back like me to come in there and get in that spread offense with them. I want to go down there and hopefully check that out and make a decision."