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Elite 11: California vs. Texas QB showdown

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. - They are all a little too smooth to blatantly trash talk and too respectful to downplay the accomplishments of others, but there is certainly a rivalry going on at the Elite 11.
It's the California vs. Texas quarterback showdown.
"Texas football, it's the best in the nation, no doubt," Texas Tech commit Davis Webb said. "California guys, that's fine and all but Texas is the best."
Both powerhouse states are well-represented this week at the Elite 11 with six quarterbacks from Texas and four from California in attendance. So far, neither state's quarterbacks have pulled far away from the other group.
Cal commit Jared Goff, cool and collected and not one for trading barbs, said it's important for the California guys to represent well - and he's sure they will.
"That's a big deal because a bunch of great quarterbacks came out of the state of California, (Matt) Barkley, (Tom) Brady and all those guys," Goff said. "You have to keep continuing the lineage and keep it going."
Texas has Webb, Syracuse commit Zach Allen, Oklahoma pledge Cody Thomas, Ohio State commit J.T. Barrett, Ole Miss commit Devante Kincade and Texas pledge Tyrone Swoopes working out at the Elite 11.
California is represented by Goff, Nebraska commit Johnny Stanton, Washington pledge Troy Williams and Stockton (Calif.) Lincoln three-star quarterback Zack Greenlee, the only prospect at the event that is still not committed.
Both states have a lot of outstanding representation and that's why things have gotten a little more competitive and should continue that way until the end.
The Texas quarterbacks are proud of their accomplishments and want to prove they're the best in the country. California kids are the same way.
It's not cutthroat and it's not open trash talking, but it seems both groups of players want to prove they're the best in the country.
Quarterbacks have a lot of pride and it's on display this week.
"The six of us are always close together so we have a tight-knit group," Webb said. "I talk to Cody mostly because I used to go to Coffeyville for elementary school. I talk to him a lot. I know Devante a lot because he also went to (Texas) Tech so I know him well. I talk to Tyrone and Zach Allen is a really good player.
"Coach (Trent) Dilfer has a little board who's winning the most and Texas is winning right now. We let them know about that."
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