Eliades looking forward to VT official

Four-star offensive guard Lou Eliades out of Ocean (N.J.) Ocean Township is scheduled to take his second official visit of the season to Virginia Tech for the game between the Hokies and Hurricanes. What is the 6-foot-4, 286-pounder hoping to get out of his visit to Blacksburg?
"I'm really excited to go and check it all out," he said. "I want to see the game day atmosphere there because the last time I went was summer and there weren't a lot of students around. It was bare, so I want to see what it's like around there on campus with the students.
"I also want to meet coach Stinespring. Last time I was there he was on the road. I hope to see what his personality is like. Finally, I'm hoping to see Virginia Tech win the game and I also want to see how they'll handle themselves against a good defense. It should be a pretty good game."

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The Rivals250 prospect believes he knows who two of his other official visits will be.
"I think I'm going to schedule one with Notre Dame and the other with Penn State," he said. "I originally had the Notre Dame one scheduled for the USC game, but that was postponed. I really like them still because of the academics, football and coach Weis is there. Everyone says how great Notre Dame is and I need to see it for myself.
"I like Penn State because they are close to home and the program has really picked up since last year. They are doing pretty good now. The only thing I'm a little weary about is how much longer will Joe Paterno be there? I did enjoy my unofficial for the Ohio State game though, the fans and atmosphere there were tremendous."
Eliades still isn't sure if he'll take a fifth official visit.
This season the No. 11 offensive guard in the country has helped Ocean Township to a 5-3 record.
"We've had some tough losses, but I think when we hit the playoffs next week we're going to start really competing as a team and do well," he said. "So far I've been playing pretty well. I'm working both ways and I can tell my pass blocking has really improved this season. I'm also a lot stronger because now I can toss kids around."